Timetable and Agenda for the Forum

TimeTopicResponsible person
1:00–1:30 pmRegistrationOrganizing team
1:30–2:00 pmCall to orderMC- Shimeles Lemma
2:00–2:10 pmWelcoming AddressAto Solomon Gizaw- CEO, HST
2:15–2:25 pmOpening RemarkW/o Yodit Kassa-
Country Manager, ACCA Ethiopia
2:30–2:40 pmKeynote AddressW/o Hikmet Abdella-
Director General, AABE
2:40–3:25 pmEthiopia’s IFRS Adoption:
The journey to date and the way forward
Ato Gobeze Dessalegn- Director, HST
3:25– 3:45 pmQuestions and comments from the floorModerator- Dr. Mehari Mekonnen-
Ass. Professor, AAU and Senior Advisor, East African Holdings
3:45– 4:15 pmTea Break
4:15– 4:30 pmEast African experience- virtual presentationFrederick Kibbedi- Partner, PKF Uganda Certified Public Accountants
4:30– 6:00 pmPanel DiscussionModerator; -Dr. Mehari Mekonnen

- Ato Dereje Gelana, representing AABE
- Ato Birhanu Abebe, representing MoR
- Ato Birberssa Demisse, representing Auditors
- Ato Samson Amdissa, representing the Finance Industry
- Ato Teressa Urgessa, representing FDIs and Local Companies
6:00- 6:35 pmDiscussion on CFO AwardAto Gobeze Dessalegn- Director, HST
6:35- 6:45 pmConcluding RemarkHis Excellency, Ato Tesfaye Tullu, State Minister, Ministry of Revenue
6:30- 9:00 pmDinner